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The Journey

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

All of us are on this journey through our lives. Life is a gift and, should be, a daily adventure. Sometimes we get bogged down in the details; the challenges, the frustrations, and we miss this amazing opportunity to really embrace our journey.

MyTexasTrails is about my journey, my past, present, and plans for my future. If you join me, my hope is that you will find inspiration in your own journey through my stories. We all were sent here with purpose, to bring light; love, understanding, support in darkest nights, and someone to celebrate the victories we have.

I had a birthday last week and just turned 63. I am experiencing my best days so far! I still encounter obstacles and setbacks but understanding has finally set in. These too are part of my journey and yours. So I stress less and laugh more.

When I was almost 60, I took a big leap (in my mind) and learned that I too could hike. Before taking on the South Rim at Big Bend, I would not have even considered becoming a hiker. My good friends pushes me and convinced me they would rescue me if needed! That first crest, the views, nature, captured me and I gladly add "hiker" to the words that now define my journey. You don't have to embrace this label to join me in my walks, but I hope you will be encouraged to enjoy your own journey and share your experiences with me.

Happy Hiking!

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